Founding Beliefs

Business as a Human System

What we do during the next 10 years is likely to shape what happens in the next ten thousand.


We are at a fork in the road. 


Down one path a tremendous opportunity exists. To create an abundant, inclusive and thriving world where the needs of all people are met within the means of our planet. 


Down another path we continue to consume, waste and damage the earth while creating more separation, tension and inequity between people and societies. 

Modern day entrepreneurs, empowered by technology have the opportunity to shape the world for the better, while being more profitable, successful and personally fulfilled.


The role of visionary leaders, by unfolding their consciousness, is to unlock the innate intelligence of people - and to translate that intelligence into goods and services which advance the common good.

This is what it means to operate business as a human system.

My Business Purpose

Accelerate business for human well-being - giving opportunity to everyone, including the under-served and the excluded, to contribute to solving humanity's greatest challenges.


My Vision

Inspire a million startups and scale-ups to operate as purpose-led, performance-driven companies, like Patagonia (by 2040)

We will know this is happening when social value and well-being are talked about and measured side by side with growth - by CEOs, accelerator programmes, business schools and across the whole ecosystem. The SDGs will be accomplished and business will be a trusted and powerful force for good in society, channeling what is best about human beings. The BCorp movement will have grown 10x.


We will know it is happening when startups have at their very core an inspiring, clear and practical purpose that is directed towards increasing the well-being of life. The life of people and of all life on the planet. New KPIs will emerge to measure and showcase the true human value a company creates. Purpose will be explicit in what they say and implicit in what they do. Companies will not shout about how much money they've raised, they will shout about how much value they've created for people and planet.


Team members will feel deeply compelled and connected to the purpose and company, seeing that their work truly matters and feeling a sense of well-being. Work will be an opportunity to be their full selves and to expand their potential - it will be fulfilling. People will speak about work / life integration more than work / life balance.


Capital will flow, not to grow for the sake of growth, but to scale the common good. The investment community will invest in companies that are demonstrably good in terms of profit, people and planet. There will be no talk of ESG investing because most investing will be done on this basis. There will be no celebration of unicorns, instead celebrating companies that are scaling in three dimensions.


For leaders, the job of refining, shaping and scaling a company will be a journey of personal growth, inner exploration and engineering. The work of leading will primarily be a work on, and for the self, enabling leaders to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and to operate from a place of deeper connection, wisdom and elevated consciousness. Existing not merely as a piece of creation - pushed and pulled by the forces of life, but as a creator - making life unfold the way they want it to unfold.

My Advisory Team


Priti Billimoria

Priti's background is as a government economist and project manager in Finance. She's also a designer and a mum of my two children, as well as being a content creator and strategy advisor to the business.

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Loughlin Hickey

Loughlin, a former partner at KPMG and co-founder of the Blueprint for Better Business is a leading thinker and a consultant to top tier companies and many startups. He is a strategy advisor and mentor to the business. 

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Ben Lamorte

Ben is an an author, OKR pioneer and founder of With a vast track record in successful OKR implementation, Ben is a coach and advisor in all aspects of goal setting and measurement. 

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Julia Rebholz

Julia's background is in strategy, M&A, sustainability, large scale business transformation and leadership development for Fortune 500 companies. She advises the business in areas of leadership and business transformation. 

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My Personal Story

Why I Quit My 6-Figure Banking Job and Swore Never to Go Back

I began my career, fresh from university, working for Credit Suisse First Boston. At some point, I can’t say exactly when, I came to the clear realisation that things weren’t that well with me. Even though things on the outside were fine, I found myself intensely dreading Monday’s.

“Do you want your boss’s job? What about his boss, do you want that?

If not, what are you doing here?”

Fast forward to today, my passion is to accelerate the paradigm change that I perceive in the world of business – where businesses can create better and bigger profits, happy and productive places to work and can benefit and provide real value to society in ways which safeguards and builds a more abundant and prosperous future for generations to come: Business as a force for good.

Read my whole story here.


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