Organisational Health: The Key to Scaling in 3 Dimensions

A free workshop series for start-up and scale-up community hubs who want to add exponential value to their members.

Nash works with the CEOs and exec teams of fast growth companies helping them scale in three dimensions - profit, social value and well-being.

By partnering with him, you will win the love of your members by offering the kind of no-fluff practical insights and hands-on knowledge they need to thrive - converting them into loyal members who do the selling for you.


During the pandemic

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Nash has been helping his clients to:

  • Build high performing teams in a remote context

  • Develop, refine, pivot strategy 

  • Run world class meetings

  • Overcome tactical challenges

  • Develop and adapt OKRs

  • Develop appropriate health metrics

  • Uncover company "identity" (purpose, values, vision, operational beliefs)

  • Develop strength based CEO coaching

  • And more...

Community Offering

A free workshop series for start-up and scale-up communities

As a passionate warrior for purpose driven business, Nash is proposing to run a series of a deep-dive sessions for communities who are close to the startup and scale-up ecosystem, with the intention of building awareness of the HIC-m and build engagement within the ever growing community of high growth and high impact start-ups and scale-ups in the tech sector.

The sessions are interactive, practical and always highly valuable.

  • Introductary 90min Session

    • Develop undershy Organisational Health is key to scaling in 3 dimensions - profit, social value and well-being.

    • Interactive presentation and workshop style session (online or in person) for c-suite leaders

    • Introduce the concepts of organisational health and provide a pathway for companies to scale in 3 dimensions


  • Take Home Organisational Health Audit

    • Provide a free organisational health audit for companies to complete after the session

    • Create the outline of an action plan to address key topics within the HIC-m


  • Practical 2 hour Deep Dive Sessions

    • Based on the results from the audit - Nash will run a series of deep dive sessions, to help leaders develop their organisational health

    • Practical sessions with actionable take-away's to develop participants performance in the three dimensions of the HIC method


  • 1:1 clinics

    • These will be sessions aimed at specific companies to help them in the areas where they need the most help and guidance

    • These will also be free sessions which, eventually, have the possibility of turning into long term business partnerships

Proposed Structure



  • Hands on, practical guidance for navigating uncertainty

  • Build high performing executive functions

  • Gain best practice guidance in organisational strategy, management, leadership, identity and execution

  • Peer to peer learning and support

  • Access to contacts and resources in aspects of building purpose-led, performance-driven companies

Community Host

  • Provide value added, world-class support and guidance to your community

  • Help the ecosystem in areas critical to business growth and social impact

  • Access a network of new potential companies / clients