Organisational Health: The Key to Scaling in 3 Dimensions

A free workshop series for start-up and scale-up community hubs who want to add exponential value to their members.

  • Introduction to Organisational Health based on the High Impact Culture   method (HIC-m) created by Nash Billimoria

  • Workshops designed to help companies to overcome the growing pains of scaling up

  • A starter pack to deeply understand how to grow in 3 dimensions - profit, social value and well-being 


Nash works with the CEOs and exec teams of fast growth companies helping them overcome the growing pains of scaling up to build purpose-led, performance-driven companies

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During the pandemic

Nash has been helping his clients to:

Build high performing, remote teams 

Develop, refine and pivot strategy 

Run world-class meetings

Overcome tactical challenges

Develop and adapt OKRs

Develop health metrics and Scorecards

Uncover company core identity 

Develop strength based CEO coaching

And more...

Jose Luis Zagazeta, Co-Founder & CEO, Sonosuite

Nash is helping us build a high performing executive team and company. In a few short months, we're seeing results - a greater sense of individual responsibility, starting to operate as a cohesive exec team, higher standards - particularly in our weekly tactical and strategic meetings. Overall, there is greater clarity across the team and we're just starting to see a positive impact across the organisation.

Community Hub Offering: Programme Structure

A series of a deep-dive sessions to help community hubs provide practical, value-added services to their members - helping them scale in profit, social value and well-being. 

  • Introductory 90-min Session

    • Understand why Organisational Health is key to scaling in 3 dimensions

    • Interactive presentation and workshop style session for C-level leaders

    • Provides a pathway for companies to build an action plan​

  • Take Home Organisational Health Audit

    • A free organisational health audit for companies to complete after the session

    • Create an action plan to address key topics of concern from the audit

  • Practical 2-hour Deep Dive Sessions

    • Series of deep dive sessions based on participants audit results

    • Actionable take-away's to develop as a purpose-led, performance-driven company

  • 1:1 clinics

    • Ongoing help for specific companies in the areas where they need the most help 

    • Providing guidance, tools and strategies to improve performance

The opportunity for community hubs is to set themselves apart by sharing relevant, proven and cutting edge expertise, tools and guidance with their members at no cost. 



  • Hands-on, practical guidance for navigating uncertainty

  • Build high performing executive teams

  • Best practice guidance in strategy, management, leadership, identity and execution

  • Access to a network of contacts and resources


Community Host

  • World-class support and guidance to your members

  • Helping the ecosystem in areas critical to business growth and social impact

  • Access a network of new potential companies / clients